We acknowledge the fact that we affect more than just your house. To make your dream a reality is our project and that is why, we work for more than just a check.

We are proud of our results and we feel love and respect to human kind on their effort to improve and succeed on their own goals. Our work intention is to create a business that is beneficial for all parties, where everybody in the end of the day takes home something related with pride and satisfaction.

We are clear, so everybody feels comfortable in his own place. We strongly believe in transparency, so you know where all your money goes and we are proud to deliver the best craftsmanship to ensure a work well done and exceed your expectations.


Having the right team is critical to ensure success, that is why we wisely choose a group of professionals that will provide an outstanding workmanship in every project. We count with experienced carpentry, plumbing and electrician experts. They will take special care on every aspect of the construction and will be managed by our team leader and owner.

With carefulness and respect for your house and thanks to our first-rate teamwork skills, we can ensure you, unparalleled attention to detail, innovative solutions and timely professional results.

Counting on our commitment to excellence  and a team devoted to your project, you can rest assured that we will proudly deliver exceptional results at a competitive pricing.


Andres Ortiz is an energetic self-starter with a talent for analyzing problems, developing and simplifying procedures and finding innovative solutions.

He has over 20 years of understanding and knowledge of fine art media and 15 years of experience in construction on all its levels. He rapidly went up the ladder to General Supervisor, post that he outstandingly filed for several years, until he decided to open his own company.

Especially skilled in establishing effective and productive relationships with clients and workers. With a track record of producing excellent results, he works closely with the customer to define their needs, budget and the most efficient way to bring their project to reality. In addition, he has a degree in Art which brings to the company an esthetic and creative vision to the work.